Foreign Teacher

Marcus Lemond


The thought is fascinating, nerve- racking,
and thrill seeking all at the same time.

Moving across the world or to another country for the first time is no easy task. The thought is fascinating, nerve recking, thrill seeking all at the same time. When I decided that I needed a change in my life, I was reaching my 10th year teaching and working for the same company. I had built so many relationships with families, children, and become so attached to my work environment.

My journey with Kid Castle came from an ideal of wanting to still teach and see the world, two of the things I love the most. What was next was unclear but for sure I was moving to Shanghai. And luckily Kid Castle has made my transition so much easier. This company has allowed me to meet many people, have a great work-life balance, and experience things I wouldn’t imagine.

If you like trying new things, exploring different places, learning about different cultures, or just seeing life from a different point of view, this is the job for you. I have been with Kid Castle since September 2018 and can’t imagine what my experience would be like if I hadn’t joined this company. I have built so many friendships and have had the chance to travel to places unknown to me.

I have been working in education for a while but new to teaching English as a foreign language. It was like I was new to the education field. Throughout my training and mentors showing me the way, I felt very confident that I would be successful in my new teaching role. Training provided me with many tools and resources to really enjoy my job and also my school environment.

From my first day, my co teachers and staff have made me feel so welcomed. They are always helpful, kind, and welling to guide me when I was unsure about things. The kids are joy, always excited to see you and make you smile. I truly love my school and working with them everyday. If you have a drive to do something new, willing to be open minded about new experiences, travel many places, and make the most out of life then I would encourage you to teach aboard and join Kid Castle.

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