Foreign Teacher Supervisor

Sophie Digsby


Experiences that I never thought would
happen have become a reality for me.

I moved to Shanghai in August 2017, the biggest and scariest move I have ever made but it was also the best and most rewarding decision ever. It instantly became more than a job, my colleagues became my family away from home and the students became my teachers. I have learnt as much from them as I have taught them in my lessons.

Choosing the company to work for was easy. Kid castle had a foreign affairs department that listened and cared from the moment I started my application. They supported me with the transition to a new country and trained me thoroughly in order for me to provide the best for my students. The training and support has continued throughout my time with the company.

This experience has meant that I have grown as an individual. Through the responsibility of teaching, and helping to train other teachers my confidence and communication skills have grown massively. On top of this, these experiences have also added skills to my resume, which will benefit my future job prospects.

This job has become so much better and means so much more than a just a job. From the cost of living and the wage available from this company I have been able to live comfortably and afford to travel. Experiences that I never thought would happen have become a reality for me.

If you are an individual who enjoys travel, meeting new people and want to experience something new whilst making memories, then teaching English for Kid Castle will also be the best decision you’ll ever make.

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