Get To Know Your Potential Colleagues: Jenny from Kangqiao School, Shanghai

WRITTEN BY Alicia Haripershad ・ 29 September, 2020

Kid Castle social media and our website currently provides good insight into the life of foreign teachers. However not much is mentioned about the colleagues you will work with at your school, which will be a big part of your life. In an effort to paint the full picture, over the next few months I will be doing profiles on some of our Chinese and Taiwanese teachers.

A brief introduction to teacher Jenny - I have been working with her at the Kangqiao i-Reading Castle the last few months and it has been great! She is friendly and made me feel so welcomed given it was the first time I was working in the library full time after helping out a bit here and there. Jenny is open minded with a wonderful sense of humour and I find the working days fly by in the best way.

Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Xianning, Hubei which is about 4 hours by train from Shanghai.

How long have you been in Shanghai?
I have been in Shanghai for about a year and a half! I live close to the school I work at in the Pudong area.

How long have you worked for Kid Castle?
I have worked for Kid Castle the whole time I have been in Shanghai. This is actually my second job. My first job straight after university was in my hometown doing sales for a company.

What is your favourite class to teach and why?
S class being students around the ages of 10-12 are my favourite. I find the students to be easier to speak with. It is fun to dance and sing with K classes but it is great to share in more interesting ideas and conversations with the older students, really getting to know them.

Is there anything else that drew you to this job?
I am a big fan of the working times. It is really nice to only wake up early two days a week and have enough spare time to enjoy the city.

Is there anything you wish you knew before you moved to Shanghai/ started at Kid Castle?
You can never have enough patience! Be as patient as you can be with students - there will be moments that are challenging but if you stick with it then it is also very rewarding.

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