Why China


Whether you’re a freshly introduced expat or a fully immersed veteran, China has the food for you. You can eat delicious local delights for pennies on the streets or choose to indulge in western style fine dining with a view from above. Living in such a large country comes with its culinary advantages, due to each province having its own touch on historic dishes. Central China has the heat, the East has the sweet and you can find salty delights in the South. Luckily, it doesn’t matter where you are in China, you can find it all everywhere. That being said, if you do want the best of the best, it’s always best to travel to the “sauce” of the food. If you’re missing a touch of home whilst you’re here, no worries, you’ll be tripping over opportunities to feast on some Taco Bell or a hearty English roast dinner! If you’re feeling lazy and you want to stay in and eat, no worries. Load up your food delivery app, such as Elema and order away. Anything you want, delivered to your door in minutes! Ok then, fancy yourself as a bit of a chef? Get down to your local store and go crazy. The fresh and dynamic ingredients are so cheap and tasty, you’ll have a field day. 1 kilo of chicken breast for $5? Sign me up!

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