Why taiwan


Just know before you come to Taiwan, you must make sure that your singing voice is up to par, in order for a good night of KTV. Even if you’re not the best singer, just be comfortable with the fact that you’ll probably see as many KTV booths as you’ll see public phone booths from your home country so not singing while living in Taiwan is not an option!

The Taiwan national baseball team is quite good so you can also expect this to be another popular activity, in which everyone views and cheers on their statesmen. Table tennis along with pool have been popular for such a long time and many Taiwanese have grown up playing both so you can expect to face competition on the regular at your local pool hall!

Over 20% of Taiwan is protected land in the form of forest and national parks so if you tend to like the outdoors a little more then you also have the opportunity to explore nature as well!

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