Kid Castle Around the World - Part 1

WRITTEN BY Alicia Haripershad ・ 24 August, 2020

Despite the virus situation being more under control in certain respects, countries are still being slow to open up borders for fear of an outbreak. When China’s borders closed earlier this year, many of our teachers were still outside of the country and unable to reenter in time. They have continued to work for Kid Castle from their respective home countries and of course hope to return to Shanghai as soon as is possible. We thought we would check in to see how some of them are doing.
Starting off with Stefan Moon:

Where are you currently?
South Africa

2. How long have you been there?
Since March 3rd.

3. What work are you currently doing for Kid Castle?
Currently, I am working as an online teacher until I am allowed back into China to resume my position as a normal teacher.

4. How are you finding the online teaching experience?
Initially, it was a rather daunting experience as we were all entering into something totally new and had to adapt many of our teaching styles to accommodate this new method of teaching. However even with the crazy time difference, seeing the kids’ faces and how excited they were to see their teacher, made me realize that no matter how long this goes on for, I have a chance to keep my head up and know that this is all temporary. I was also able to see this as a blessing for the time I have spent with my family and the moments we’ve shared together. Especially since I am normally on the other side of the world and those opportunities become rare when you move away from home.

5. What’s the first thing you would like to do when you get back to Shanghai?
Date night at my favorite Niúròu miàn (Beef Noodles) spot!

6. Any final comments/ thoughts:
As a person who sometimes hates change and uncertainty. I have learned more and more about how the only constant thing in this world is actually change. And that God has a way of placing us where we are meant to be for however long it’s meant to be. So when faced with challenges outside of our control, we can either find ways to survive the tough times life throws, our way or we can simply learn to thrive in them. So for now, I’m living my life like it’s golden....but keeping my passport very close!

A big thank you to Stefan, we are all hoping to have him back in Shanghai very soon (with a belly full of beef noodles!). The next check-in will be with Kayleigh Smuts also currently based in South Africa, we look forward to hearing from her next month!

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