Chinese New Year in the Snow

WRITTEN BY Hawa Manzini ・ 27 April, 2020

It has been a stressful year, it still is. However, that does not mean we shouldn't reflect and be grateful for the times we have had. We will get through this period and return to our travel lives, seeking adventure and meeting new people. Before COVID-19 I went on my first Euro trip. My main destination was Switzerland. I did make other stops, but I really would like to share my Swiss experience with you. I will not lie to you, Switzerland is expensive! I suggest you budget well. I found it interesting that on Sundays all shops are closed in the country, except for some tourist shops.

I managed to see almost every part of this extraordinary country starting from Zurich to St Moritz.
You may or may not know the mountain above, Mount Zermatt. If you like swiss chocolate, that is where you would have seen this mountain on a Toblerone bar. It was beautiful to wake up to this view. The town of Zermatt looked like one of those Christmas towns, with beautiful lights and snow. The ride on the Glacier express was even more reason to fall in love with Switzerland. The landscapes of this country are breathtaking. I felt a sense of calm and peace everywhere
I went. The visit to the United Nations in Geneva was no exception to this. It made sense why Switzerland seemed so peaceful and continues to be a peaceful nation. Geneva is certainly different from Zurich, smaller too. I still enjoyed Zurich more. If you are learning French or German, Geneva is on the French side and Zurich on the German side. Another beautiful place I saw was Lucerne. This was a day trip. I went to a chocolate factory and walked around the lake. There were many tourists around this area as well. On a good day you can see the mountains around, just as you see them when walking around Zurich. There were many hotels and restaurants around here. When walking on the Chapel Bridge you can see that some of the wood is burnt; there is a whole history behind that. Switzerland has many walking spots. And when you feel thirsty, there are plenty of water fountains with drinking water. I was amazed at this.

This country has an extremely efficient transport system, it turns out it is cheaper to just drive your own car sometimes. One transport card can last you a full day. That’s how I managed to get around when my friends were unavailable. I also enjoyed Swiss food, mostly made at home. Fondue and Raclette were by far my favourite. I hope you get to travel to this beautiful country.

Remember for now to stay at home to protect yourself and others.

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