Teacher Spotlight

April Teacher of the Month - Cheri-Lee Odendaal

WRITTEN BY Cheri-Lee Odendaal ・ 30 April, 2020

It's been a while since we've posted our Teacher Spotlight, but with everyone back into (online) teaching we thought it's the perfect time to start recognizing those teachers that go the extra mile.

Cheri-Lee is from sunny South Africa; she's been in China and working for Kid Castle at our new Kanqiao branch since August 2019. Her hard work and dedication has earned her the spot for this month's Teacher Spotlight! Keep up the great work Teacher Cheri!

How long have you been teaching?
Since 2014

What’s your go-to game in class?
The students, especially the K and J classes, absolutely love any type of dance or movement game when teaching songs, like musical statues. Hot potato using flashcards also works well with teaching new vocabulary. The older classes adore any type of competitive game like an obstacle course or team challenge such as spelling relays.

What's your favourite part about teaching?
Wow. I have so many. I would say the best thing as a teacher for me is witnessing the growth and achievements of my students. Especially those that start out shy and unsure, but as time progresses, and the more positive reinforcement that's shown, they grow confidence within themselves and are able to reach their full potential. Of course another reason I love teaching is the daily hugs I get from my students. That never gets old.

What do you love most about life in China?
The fast-paced lifestyle, the convenience, the safety, the convenience of travel, meeting so many different people of different cultures from around the world.

Word of advice for new teachers coming to China:
There is so much to experience and enjoy and time seems to fly by so quickly, especially in Shanghai. Take photos, make videos, be open to any new experience. This is a journey and a time in your life that will not only change your worldly perspective but will change you personally in so many ways. Learn and grow from the hard times, appreciate and enjoy the good times. Remember how much it took to get you here, the sacrifices you made and the life you left behind. Enjoy and savour every moment!

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